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Clinical Fellowship at Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center India

Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center offers comprehensive clinical and research fellowship for 6 to 12 months to young Neurosurgeons aspiring to learn and practise Minimally Invasive techniques in Brain and Spine surgery.

The fellowship is one of its kind in the world as it will provide exposure of both key hole concepts in Brain surgery as well as endoscopic and MIS techniques in Spine Surgery. Participating clinical fellows will be actively involved during surgeries, out patient clinics as well as research and publication.

About the Program

MIS and navigation surgery greatly expand the range of pathologies and patients that can be successfully treated with surgery. We believe that the best spinal and cerebral care can only be delivered in a multidisciplinary setting. Our ability to excel with MIS is dependent upon our surgical team being interwoven with the other specialties in our Centre for Comprehensive Cerebral and Spine Care. We are committed to training spinal and cerebral surgeons that are not only technically excellent but who also understand that surgical success is based on precise diagnosis and sound judgment. Once a pathology has been determined as surgical, technical MIS and navigational excellence allow us to minimize the extent and side effects of surgery while maximizing its efficiency.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery fellows are exposed to all aspects of spinal care, from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare, and provided with complex Brain and Spine surgery training with a focus on MIS and navigation. Fellows are expected to engage actively in ongoing research projects as well as present and publish research work. The extent of responsibility assigned to a fellow depends upon the fellow's skills and engagement and the complexity of particular patient pathologies.

Fellow's Duties & Responsibilities

The fellow once registered in India through Medical council of India would be able to assist actively in the following and there are certain duties that need to be undertaken by them:

  • 1) Fellows are responsible for covering operating room cases as well as outpatient examination with attending physicians.
  • 2) Take round twice, First round should be taken in the morning prior to attending the Operation theatre, then taking round of the post operative patients as well.
  • 3) Actively participating in the surgeries.
  • 4) Getting involved in the research activities & obligation of at least 2 papers.
  • 5) Getting involved in daily academic teachings.
  • 6) Journal presentation.
  • 7) Attending to the Emergencies in the Causality.
  • 8) Preparing discharge, notes- there are certain fixed protocols of preparing discharges, which has to be followed. Completing files with first note on admission with proper examination & History of the patient.

Our educational process includes a core curriculum of lectures, case conferences and journal clubs.

For applicants interested in applying, more information is available on:


Reena Dubey

Course Coordinator

(+91) 96918-08598

Postal Address

Advance Neurosurgery
Brain & Spine Center

Beside Aditya Super Speciality Hospital, MLB School Road, Napier Town, Jabalpur (Central India) 482002

Clinic Timings

Morning: 12:00pm - 02:00pm
Evening: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Sunday : Closed

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