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Our International Patient Department Services

Free Initial Consultation

At Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center we are home to a few of the best medical and travel experts. We offer free initial medical consultation services to patients who want to visit India for their treatment. If there is any confusion related to the Medical Tourism that you might need, we are happy to guide you through that at zero consultation fee. Once your case is suitable for our Center then you could pay minimal fees through our Tele Consultancy Services.

Affordable Packages

The Medical Tourism in India are of high quality and at the same time very affordable. We always try to keep a track of your requirement and budgets in our minds before we offer you any solution. We offer a highly customized and very affordable packages for the medical treatment in India. We also provide visa application, travel, and accommodation services in our packages.

Visa Process

As we know that handling all the legal formalities amidst the stress of medical treatment can be baffling. So, here we at Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center completely understands the need for obtaining a visa on time for urgent medical attention. To make sure that you have a hassle-free experience while you visit our country for your medical treatment. We also take care of the entire visa application process. All we need is some of your documents and the visa fee. You can then sit back and relax and leave your concerns to us.

Insurance Process

We at Advance Neurosurgery Brain and Spine Surgery Center understands that traveling out of the country with critical health conditions has its own challenges. So here at our Center we also provide assistance with your insurance related work whether it is related to insurance process or the collection of the documents.

Airport Pick and Drop

Going around in a foreign country on your own can be a toughest a task to accomplish, especially when you are concerned and stressed about medical treatment. Keeping that in mind we offer airport pick-up and drop services. With us, you are in safe hands. You can reach your destination on time without any hurdles. We also offer intra-country transportation facilities and you can keep your trust in us.

Travel Arrangement

Like we said, we understand focusing your energies on planning out the travel in a foreign country, while also feeling burdened by the pressure of medical treatment can be a very difficult task. This is why at Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center we look after all your travel arrangements. Right from your stay, your tour itinerary, your tour guide, and much more. Our team of experts will plan out the entire trip based on your preferences.


There is a lot of things that need to be kept in mind while deciding on the accommodation for your stay. Budget plays a big role in deciding that, while it also includes your other preferences. We always try to help you with the best possible option for your accommodation within the budget that you are looking for, and we also make sure that all your needs are met. Our team will also handle all the rental legalities for you.

Translation Services

It can get a bit tricky to communicate your problems and concerns and other queries when you don't speak the local dialect. At Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center we understand the importance of the right communication, especially when the case is of medical treatment, that is why we offer you internationally recognized expert translators and linguists. You can convey your feelings and problems without any confusion and eliminate the potential risk of medical error or miscommunication. Language assistance will also make your post-treatment travel plans easy.

Medical Records Exchange

It is very important for your medical treatment to go smoothly. One of the most important factors when it comes to the smooth sailing of a medical treatment is to ensure that the exchange of medical records are done appropriately. This involves the transfer of all your medical documents from your home country to us. We at Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center make sure that all of your medical records are exchanged correctly so there is no confusion created at the time of your treatment.


If you want to consult our doctors before planning your visit to India?
Advance Neurosurgery Brain & Spine Center offers telemedicine services. You can now consult our doctors in India from the comfort of your home. We enable this consultation through phone/video call so that you can gain important and critical insights about your medical condition.

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