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Besides providing high end and best quality brain and spine surgery, we also provide wellness services to our patient while they are recovering from surgical or medical treatment. We understand that going through a painful surgery can create various kind of stress in your mind and body. Which is why we offer these wellness support services for a quick and safe recovery?

Even though wellness is still an emerging concept to the world, in India it is an age-old thing. For centuries India has been home to off-best wellness practices and therapies. The focus of wellness is not limited to your physical health. It entails taking care of your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual health. India is home to numerous wellness resorts and spas that offer a wide range of alternative therapies and treatment. When you decide to pay a visit to the land of Gods, be assured that you will have a blissful experience.


Ayurveda engulfs centuries-old Indian medical knowledge. It is debated to be the most effective form of medical as well as wellness treatment out there. Ayurveda is said to regulate bodily hormones and functions in a very natural way, with zero side effects whatsoever. It restores the balance of tatvas in the body, imbalance of which leads to various health and mental problems. It also makes the immune system stronger. People also trust Ayurveda for critical health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, migraine, etc.


The power of Yoga can not be overstated. The world acknowledges the magical effect that practicing yoga has on the mind, body, and soul. It is said to increase your overall well being. It can help with fighting stress, weight-related issues, anxiety, etc. Practising yoga is the best way to get rid of the toxins of your body. It will help you calm your mind and will help you improve mindfulness.

Unani Medicine

Unani medicine is a gift bestowed on India by Greece. This alternative form of therapy considers a change in your overall lifestyle is a must to bring about change in your overall health condition. It involves following a particular lifestyle diet, the use of various minerals for treating various ailments, use of drugs that have plant or animal origin.


The origin of the Siddha system took place in the southern part of India. This healing form is considered one of the oldest forms of Indian medicine. It is based on the philosophy that the human body is made up of 5 elements. It believes that an imbalance in any of these elements can lead to serious physical and mental health problems. It is based on ancient medical practices, spiritual rituals as well as alchemy and mysticism. Followers of Siddha swear by this system for treating even serious health conditions.


The science of acupressure believes when there is a blockage to the energy flow of the body, health problems arise. Acupressure is simply focusing your attention on pressure points and messaging them to alleviate pain. Although it might not be famous for curing critical conditions, practicing the art of acupressure every day can definitely improve your over health condition and wellbeing. It has various forms like Sujok, Shiatsu, Atmena, Ayurvedic acupressure, and Jin Shin.


Art and theory are very much similar to acupressure. But in acupuncture, the therapist makes the use of the needles instead of hands to apply pressure. It is a more focused form of therapy that should be practiced only under experts. It is often combined with Ayurveda for the best results.


Think of Spas as your gateway to heavenly bliss. It is the best way to unwind yourself from the hustle-bustle of your daily routine life. India has too many spa treatments to offer. From simple massages, hair spa or mud spa, tissue rejuvenation, to 7-day long detox spa, you can have it all. There are also spas to help you with re-establishing your mental and emotional wellness. Spas make for a great vacation where you can also concentrate on your health and wellbeing


Aromatherapy is one of the best alternative form of healing procedure to fight stress, induce sleep, manage pain, soothe sore joints, ease the discomfort of labor, improve digestion, boosts immunity, treats headaches and migraines, etc. It uses aromatic oil from different plants and flowers that have medicinal value for physical and mental healing purposes. It involves the use of oils, creams, powders, lotions, diffusers, packs, etc as a way to heal one's body.


Hydrotherapy involves using water as a way of healing oneself. It is an excellent way to treat numerous muscle and bone injuries by placing you in special pools and mineral baths. Problems like joint pains, arthritis, stroke, spondylitis, and much more can be treated using hydrotherapy. This therapy is also extremely relaxing for the body and mind. Hot baths and spring baths have been a part of Ayurveda and Indian culture for a very long time. They also have an element of spiritual healing and aura cleansing, both of which are a great source of positive energy.

Herbal treatments

The reason why herbal treatments are trusted by many is that even though they take their time to show its effects and heal the body, they are a way to cure the body of that problem. They heal the body and mind. Herbal treatments have the power to eradicate the problem from its very roots. Issues like weight management, chronic ailments, migraine, asthma, various allergies and much more can be cured using herbal treatments.

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